Universal Slings

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Universal Slings

Universal slings are the most commonly supplied patient lift sling for general transfer purposes.  Because the sling is easy to use and fit, the universal sling is a multi-purpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good back and thigh support. 

Prism Medical’s lift slings come standard with leg, hip, and shoulder straps for guaranteed support.  Additionally, our universal lift slings feature multiple color-coded loops that accommodate for various seating positions.  

Standard Sling Features

  • Color coded loops for identification and noted in individual's care plan for later reference
  • Covered strap connections points to protect the skin
  • Sling label serves as a sling information reference
  • User care plan is supplied with every sling
  • Guide handles to facilitate correct handling during transfers
  • Center markers assists the caregiver in correctly positioning the sling

Additional Features

  • Available in either mesh, quilted material, or padded fabric
  • Side straps even the weight distribution and therefore the sling is more comfortable
  • Quilted leg sections and no binding on outer leg section for added comfort
  • Generous commode aperture for toileting
  • Slip fit material on outer leg sections to aid sling application/removal

Product Number

  • SMALL: 517210
  • MEDIUM: 517220
  • LARGE: 517230
  • XL: 517240
  • XXL: 517250
  • H/S JUNIOR: 517405
  • H/S SMALL: 517410
  • H/S MEDIUM: 517420
  • H/S LARGE: 517430
  • H/S XL: 517440
  • H/S XXL: 517450
  • QUILTED JUNIOR: 517305
  • SMALL: 517310
  • MEDIUM: 517320
  • LARGE: 517330
  • XL: 517340
  • XXL: 517450
  • H/S JUNIOR: 517505
  • H/S SMALL: 517510
  • H/S MEDIUM: 517520
  • H/S LARGE: 517530
  • H/S XL: 517540
  • H/S XXL: 517550
  • PADDED JUNIOR: 527305
  • SMALL: 527310
  • MEDIUM: 527320
  • LARGE: 527330
  • XL: 527340
  • XXL: 527350
  • H/S JUNIOR: 527505
  • H/S SMALL: 527510
  • H/S MEDIUM: 527520
  • H/S LARGE: 527530
  • H/S XL: 527540
  • H/S XXL: 527550
  • SPACER CHILD: 8A4700
  • JUNIOR: 8A4600
  • SMALL: 8A4500
  • MEDIUM: 8A4400
  • LARGE: 8A4300
  • XL: 8A4200
  • H/S CHILD: 8A4730
  • H/S JUNIOR: 8A4630
  • H/S SMALL: 8A4530
  • H/S MEDIUM: 8A4430
  • H/S LARGE: 8A4330
  • H/S XL: 8A4200
  • JUNIOR: 8A2600
  • SMALL: 8A2500
  • MEDIUM: 8A2400
  • LARGE: 8A2300
  • XL: 8A2200
  • H/S CHILD: 8A2730
  • H/S JUNIOR: 8A2630
  • H/S SMALL: 8A2530
  • H/S MEDIUM: 8A2430
  • H/S LARGE: 8A2330
  • H/S XL: 8A2230
  • JUNIOR: 8A1600
  • SMALL: 8A1500
  • MEDIUM: 8A1400
  • LARGE: 8A1300
  • XL: 8A1200
  • H/S CHILD: 8A1720
  • H/S JUNIOR: 8A1620
  • H/S SMALL: 8A1520
  • H/S MEDIUM: 8A1420
  • H/S LARGE: 8A1320
  • H/S XL: 81220
  • JUNIOR: 8A3600
  • SMALL: 8A3500
  • MEDIUM: 8A3400
  • LARGE: 8A3300
  • XL: 8A3200
  • H/S CHILD: 8A3720
  • H/S JUNIOR: 8A3620
  • H/S SMALL: 8A3520
  • H/S MEDIUM: 8A3420
  • H/S LARGE: 8A3320
  • H/S XL: 8A3220

Universal Sling Line Drawing - Prism Medical


Divided Leg "Crossover"

Provides optimum comfort and security. Leg loops are crossed between individual's thighs before passing leg straps through them.


Closed Leg

Individual's legs are together before passing leg straps under them. Leg loops are crossed under individual's thighs.


The greatest angle of inclination is achieved by attaching leg straps to carry bar using shortest
strap loops and back straps to bar using longest strap loops.


Optimum vertical sitting position is achieved by attaching leg straps to carry bar using longest
strap loops and back straps to bar using shortest strap loops.

Sizing Guidelines

Universal slings should be assessed for the proper size by utilizing the point at which the shoulder strap attaches to the sling body. This point should:

  • Height: Fall between the deltoid point and the top of the ear
  • Width/Circumference: Fall between the anterior crease of the shoulder (point at which the deltoid muscle and chest meet) and the center line of the body

The need for head support, when using the Universal sling, needs to be determined. The leg straps should also be assessed to determine if there is an appropriate amount of material available, to ensure comfort of the sling.

Remember to use your best clinical judgment when choosing a sling size which best fits your patient. People come in all different shapes and sizes and two people may weigh the same or be the same height but require different sized slings.
If the patient weighs over 400lbs a sling consultation is recommended. Please call (866) 891-6502

Washing Instructions

The sling should be inserted into a washer/laundry bag prior to being placed into the washer. This is to prevent any unusual wear and tear of the sling by the agitator and/or other parts of the washing machine.

  • Use mild detergent.
  • Set washing machine to Warm wash/cold rinse cycle.
  • Do not dry on steam pipes, conventional heaters, wood stoves, or other similar devices.
  • Tumble dry on air/fluff cycle only, or hang dry.
  • Do not use chlorine based bleach.
  • Do not dry clean.

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7-14 Days
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